Pish Posh

I do stuff intentionally and act like it wasn't planned alot lol
I'm so into that horoscope stuff
I still want my hot pink gshock; i had a pink baby g when i was younger:)
I'm scared of dogs, but i want 2small ones and 2 xtra small ones [teacups]
I also want 2 pigs, that don't grow.. they stay small
When i was younger i used to wanna be a farmer so i could have pigs
Tyra Banks and June Ambrose are like my favorite celebrities
Rihanna and Amber Rose are so bad ass:)
Derwin from the game [Pooch Hall] is the sexiest actor alive
I have hot pink dr.martens [got them on Jan.9] and i've still NEVER worn them :/
When i grow up i'm gonna save my $$ for a Hermes birkin bag
I love big cars, when i'm 16 i want a black ford f-150 & at 27 i want a Mercedes G-wagon
I love going to teenvogue.com and looking at the Girls of the Week
I adoreeee good fashion blogs. Mines will soon be bomb just wait
My favorite store is Zara, however most of my clothes come from F21 and Urban Outfitters
Super high heels and fetch sandals:)
I love people who style effortlessly and look so beast, sometimes it's not needed to do much
I only follow like 10 normal people on twitter, the rest are celebrities.. i follow 100 ppl lol
"Fashion fades, style is eternal" - YSL? [ i dnt remember]
I really wanna meet Jackie O, Coco Chanel, and MLK
I want to study African American Studies.. like all the slave stuff fascinates me [not necessairly in a good way] but like i wish could've seen it all first hand, and also all the racism after slavery
Acoustic music is niceeeeeeee
Funny, cool boys are great
My moods can switch just like that, and sometimes they switch for no reason..like i can be sad and don't know why
I eat stuff differently.. like i warm my rice krispies for a certain time and i like burnt mac and cheese w/ ketchup etc.
Every thing reminds me of a song..typing that i just started singing remember the time by mj
Michael jackson is like my favorite singer.. i didn't notice that until after he died :/
People say i sound white.. Once this boy said that i sound like those white peolple, who try and talk black.. but it's funny cause i am black. ouchhh
I wanna fly away to Toyko!

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