and another one

ahh this is gonna be a random one. last night i talked to one of the buddies :) we were talking about something and i'm so happy that he understood where i was coming from. but yeaa we talked to like 2 since i fell asleep lol but anyways i woke up today took a shower, then ate. lol i never do that but now i'm somewhere else, leaving to get my hair done in a little bit. okay so i have this fascination w/ birds ALL birds and i've always wanted to get a tatoo of a bird on me, and i just saw this cool looking bird and like i think that's what i want tatted on me lol. i'm going home tomorrow and i'm so happy. hopefully i get my nose pierced sooon! ugh todays one of  my friends bday dinner but i don't think i'm going :/ well i know i'm not going lol but it was my choice sooo. There's nothing else to talk about so i guess i'm bout to be out

p.s. there's NO NEED TO BOOST shugaaa :)

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