i'm soo excited....

jennifer's fixing my bracelet for me. i love that girl lol. but ok so in dance class emily was making bracelets and since i wanted to make one i got some yarn and started doing but i had to learn b/c i didn't know how to but i keep on messing it up so i had to re-do it and jennifer's starting it off for me. it looks so dope.

Tommorrow is the last day of school i'm so excited; i'm gonna miss alot though :( but summer will be fun :)but i will miss jennifer the most! (aha she wrote that obviously) yesterday i had something to write about but since i never got on the computer i couldn't write it and now i forgot what i was gonna say and it was a good topic. hey idk how to follow people and it's annoying; i'll figure it out. oh yea tommorrow last day of school right well something suprising is gonna happen but i can't tell you :)

Morgan keeps on telling me to stop blogging; she just not it ;) lol okay well idk what to say anymore so done ditto!

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