sweat pants hair tied, chillin w/ no makeup on :)

i had fun this weekend. friday didn't start off so well, was stuck in a exotic [stipper] shoe place [i've never seen heels so high in my life, like 10in heels and shit], an african who can't do business, and some extra foolish eager new york man who wasted my time. i was so heated, like i couldn't escape! ahh i don't even wanna think about it oh and i was supposed to get my hair done but didn't. but ok after that i went to Fish City Grill and had lunch w/ my girlies :) Jennifer and Sabina it was fun then we went to the mall. me and jennifer had ALOT of laughs lol. later on that night Josh calls me and starts harrasing me talking about "Who do you go out with?!??! cause damn it seem like everybody got a boyfriend!" and i was like "lol! i don't go out w/ nobody" then he goes "then who you talking to cause i know you talk to somebody?" then i explaineddd everythingggg to him like how idk if i would call it talking anymore blah blah blah and it's funny cause the person i was talking about he knows! i was like you gotta be shittin me.

saturday comes i wake up and freshen up then wash the fridge and microwave. later on tonia and papa come and get me :) we went to their church for like an hour then back to there house. i met babeeeee who is tonia's guinea pig or w/e called marley?? it was so scarryy but i held it :) there's pictures. papa's soo scared of it, it's sooo funny! but ok me and tonia left and went to the mall got nothing but ice cream. while i was at the mall i discovered how LAME guys can be like dammnn. we were in the food court and like a whole bunch of niggas were walking through their and they had to be 18-22 well they were making like the LOUDEST noises and talking and when i say loud i mean loud like they were on one side and i swear you could probally hear them on the other side but they were like so lame rolling up 15 deeeeep, looking all ratchet w/ fckn wifebeaters on looking all dirty and sheit like wtf grow up broo! so anyways we go and head onto the movies and we get there and we see the twins! omg like are you serious.. lol so we end up staying together and watch Drag Me To Hell that movie was soo scaryy everybody else says it's not but i think it is. i get scared easily though so i get home around 12:30 and talk to certain people. Dj tells me that guys lovee thirst bitches lol iounnoooo how acurate that is.

sunday i wake up and see a text that reads "Y u tell Boobah u luv me???" that woke me up realll quick im like wtfckkkkkkk are these people mad. first i NEVER said any of that, i rarely talk to Boobah, and like what the fuck No like no. ughh thinking about it irritates me but ok moving on. i find out i'm going to cypress so i have to hurry up and pack clothes and lord knows i don't know how to pack so i just fold anything i see but ok get to cypress and go to some stores w/ my aunty to get stuff then get to her house. see granny :) and my lovely little troopers lol then like later on the twins come again and we talk about everything and everyone. ok not everyone but you catch my drift then they leave and i get on the computer and now im where i am now.

i think im about to blog about something else and call dj. wienneerrrrrr babeeeeeee

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