ughh i'm so upset right now, like i haven't been mad at all today but that all changed at like 6:38pm. omg like im so confused im so irritated so upset im so sick im soo annoyed and aggrivated and just everything. like i hate how people can be so unfair in such ways, but i don't even know if unfair is the right word. i'm so fed up; i'll add on later ughhhhh

ok like i'm sooo over it, over everythingg like I DON'T even CARE anymore. some hrs ago that definitely wasn't the case but after i took everything in and like thought of i'm like wtf ore, you need to get your ish together. i was soo misunderstood i think, i came off as if i was "trippin" or "mad" when in actuality i was good. but after re-reading the text messages i see how i could of came off as i was mad, or w/e but like i do not care... for you to get mad over something that wasn't even necessarily meant for you, as in when i typed that i wasn't even talking about you. i mean i see how u could think that but that's not even how it is. and for you to just "drop" me [well let me not for sure but i highly think you we're saying towards me] like that lol that's bs. like w/e man i'm like of it??

you welcome sir :) lol

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