ok so my phone is broken well at least i think it is. i knew it was coming soon this trial was lasting wayy to long. lol ok background info for ya'll that don't know... so somethingg ALWAYSSS! happens to my phones like i can never have one for a long pd of time. my first phone i had for like a good one yr. but after i got a new whamp. i got a phone at the very end of summer '07 then one day in like october i went to DSW and lost it (i think i left it in a shoe box) then after that i got a new phone, then that thanksgiving i lost my charger, then i got a new phone then sometime in may i put that phone in the washer machine then i get a new phone and one night i was talking on the phone and i wake up around 5 in the morning to see my phone on my bed with a snapped neck [flip phone] then i get a new phone which was used and given to me by someone and i leave the charger for that phone in NY. Actually flip those two stories i lost the charger in NY before i snapped the neck. Then i get a new phone but i kept on dropping it and one day it finally broke then i get another phone which was again used and i drop that phone in a bucket of water while i was talking on it then one i get another phone which was used but i didn't have a charger for that one but my brother did so i used that phone while he was down here.. so brother leaves and i'm in my room and i see a old chargers from old phones i've had and i find a charger that can go in to the phone that i had that i left the charger in New York i was so happy so that's the phone i've been using but today i broke it due to water damage lol. idk whty i'm lauging cause there's nothing funny about this mann. i'm so upset, i'm always breaking a phone. but it may not even be broken but like if i take it off the charger it goes off and then when i have it on the charger and i turn it on it goes off in like 15 secs so iounoooo mann.

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