i got his name stickered on my wrist bitchh :)

lol i'm so thuggish lol NOT. i'm listening to Miranda telling me about all her drama, and Beau keep on coming around here unplugging shit. boys fixing get slapped lol i love Beau.

"Ore you should be nominated for Most Fashionable." -Miranda
lol i was flattered :) Miranda's fixing to make a blog yayyy. ok so this weekend was pretty chill had dance thing on friday. we looked cute :) then after went to the mall. WASTE OF TIME.. lol :) Saturday came up and spoke to Jennifer. talked about her lover who she claims she doesn't like BULLSHITTT! :) I cleaned and went to the hospital to visit my granny. Then late at night i went to my cousins house and spent the night. Sunday came and i went to the hospital again then got ice cream then celebated a bday at Chuck E. Chesse's. it was funn.

RANDOM NOTE: It's been 10 days. WOW!

i just took the sticker off my wrist and there's an imprint now. okay so Jennifer wants to blog on my blog so here it goes.

she says i like "the sun" but i know thats not true....... she thinks she is a matchmaker but, lets not ruin her dreams :) let's just say even if i liked him nothing would ever come of it!

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