So i'm on twitter, and i'm at Zoe Kravits page (if it's really her) ..and she tweets "so i saw Lauren London she's pregnant so sad what a shame" ahahahhaha that's so funny and a little bit meann but ayyy that's what she feel.

Anyways heyy mann! It's felt like i haven't blogged in yrs. School started on Monday, yuck but it is getting better as the week goes by. So right now i have really hot topics in my head to blog about. I think i'm gonna only blog about one right now though. It's 9:14 and i need to finish my hw and eat dinner by 10:30. I think i'm going to blog about the first day of school though b/c if i blog about the other topic i might come into a rage and start to think all hard and that's not healthy for my brain right now cause like i did say i'm doing my homework.

First day of schoo was whooo! Who know's. It didn't like suck or was bad it was just real wierd and boring plus i was super tired. I actually didn't start school till like fourth pd. b/c i had to get some stuff together. So fourth pd was world history ap. I've never been in an ap, honors, gt.. class before so like when i saw that on my schedule i was like whaaat who put me in this class? But then i relized i checked it on my course selection thing cause all that history, geograph social study crap is super easy for me. As i'm walking into class i see the girl Drea. She didn't even recognize it was cutee lol.So i walk in kinda scared and the first person i see is Krista i sit right next to her cause she's like the only person i know. The first thing i said to her was "why am i in here" and she was likee "me tooo, did you do the summer vocab stuff." and im over here all dumbstruck cause a girl didn;t know about any summer work no one told me so i was like "whaaaat?" and she was telling me how she didn't know about anything either. Like 2 min. go into the class and i see sabina who's been sitting there the whole time, and i didn't notice. so i yell "Sabina!" and she looks up and like says "omgg. get up and give me a hug" a second later class actually starts. The teacher starts talking, she's nicee cool, but the whole time me and krista are talking about how we're gonna drop the class blah blah blah (but i don't think we are anymore b/c this stuff is actually interesting and easy.. well we haven;t really wrkd yet) so the bell rings and i'm in the hall way walking and like i can't get anywhere cause the hallways are like crazyy packed. I hate crowed hallways, so it was very disturbing. I go to chemistry and see Brionne! I was happy.. i also saw Erika, Abida, Tega!!!, and some other people who are like acquantices. So this teacher gives us assigned seats. Andd i was likeeee ewwww. But it's all good thoughhh. Then we go to lunch. I have first lunch, last yr i had third lunch. I wish i had third lunch so bad though cause everybody's in there. Anyways, i sit w/ Brionne, Taylor and Mae. And some other black girls, it;s cool though. The lunch lines are of course crazy cause like a thousand ppl are in my lunch literally, so i just go to the vending machines. Lunch is over i go back to chemistry we play some games. The teacher is cute and youngg, she met her fiance in the 6th gradee. I was likee awwwwwwwwww :D i wanna be just like you lol! Then after that class i go to french. And like everybodddyy is in there. I was like that's wassssssup. Of course me, erika, alexis sit together .. and also like catherine (bad ass) and tissy. We start talking, the class is just extra loud and funnyy. There's a boy named Patrick and his voice is EXTRA deep and he's a freshman i was like huhh? Then like 5 minutes later the bestiee Daniel walks in. He lost his schedule so he didn't know where to go ahaha poor boy. I love him. That class is like extra crunck.. the only person missing is the husband Emmanuel aha. So we start talking blah blah blah class is over. Me and Daniel are walking together in the hallway it still is crazy.. and i don't see anybody i know just a whole bunch of random people. I'm walking down the stairs and i see Emmanuel and i was like "Emmanuel! give me a hug!!!!" ahah so we hug and i see sunny we hug alsoo then i continue walking to basketball. Ugh by that point i was like extraaaaaaaa tired. Coach Harris just talks about the season and stuff for like 45 mins. I'm trying so hard not to go to sleep cause lord knows what he'll do. He's finally done and i start talking to Aya.. she's telling me how she's quitting and stuff. I'm still on the fence about it; idk yet. Then behind me is Dani, i could see her looking at me through my paraphell vision so i turn around and go "Hi Dani" and she was like "Omgosshh ore, i didn't even recognize you! blah blah blah" it was cute. Finallyyy! the bell rings and i just go straighttt to my car so i can go home.

The End, that was my day.

P.s. i really wanna upload pics, but my phone won't let me pic. mail stuff to my email for some reason :/

Update: As the days go by, it;s getting better. It's still kinda weird how i have no classes w/ people i had with last yr and stuff and how like my schedule is so different but it's cool. Now i'm actually seeing people like today i saw Mandy, Karla and Brianna and likee Ricky, Chris, Dylan, and some other people. I can't really complain much.

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