It's nearly 7o'clock in the morning. I was ready to go to school. I took the car keys to wait in the car. I had to unlock it manually, so i open the car or w/e then i did what i had to do then threw the car keys on the driver seat. As soon as the door slammed I noticed how I pressed the button down instead of pressing it up. So that means I locked the door instead of unlocking it; plus I left the keys in the car. Omg, it all happened too fast. I was so scared likee what was i gonna say?? I go back into the house and was like, "omg your gonna kill me". "What happened?", they asked. "Ummm.." i said nervously. "Just say it!", they demanded. "Umm, i accidentally locked to car doors, and the keys are in the car." i responded. Lord knowd how hard it took me to say that. My heart was pounding out of my chest, and my palms were sweaty as i was trembling. STAY TUNED.

Lol whaaaattt? That intro was good huhh???? I mean I could work on the first sentence so it could grab your attention more, but overall I did i good job. Man i'm back on this writing scene lol. Ahaha I didn't have any intentions doing all that, but it just happened as i planned to tell ya'll about my day. Okay i'm gonna continue but the rest isn't gonna be like that cause the story is kinda long.

Okay so after i told my aunty that she didn't really get mad at me. However, i felt SO bad the whole ride to school. We had to take the other car. As usual we had to wait for forever cause that school is like hella packed. Ahaha and in the car she noticed that her tags were expired, and was like freaking out. But anyways the day goes by and i notice how i left my phone at home. It's the end of the day and i call my aunty to see if she's here and she was like i can't go no where i told wale to tell you to ride the bus. Of course she didn't tell me anything so i'm likee ok i'll find a ride. However, at that point in time like everyone was already gonee, i mean nobody stays on friday. So i roamm around schoolll and it's like deadd. School got out at 2:30 and around this time it's like 3:20 i got to the musical hall,and there's a little ice cream party going onn. I get some of that then leave. Then i continue to walk around. Ended up going to the girls open gym, stayed there for like 5mins. Then walkedd again, and saw all these chinese people. They were jerking and i got them to teach me lol. I stay over there and start talking to them for a little bit. I met these guys who dance. They're like a b-boy creww and we were talkingg it was cool. I asked them if they have any girls and they we're like no. And i told them they need to get like and extraaa dope girl in their creww and i was like if you do that then it would make your crew like 10x better. They thought about it thenn they agreed, we talked somemoreee. They we're cool. After i got up and started walkinggg, tryna see if the boys open gym was over. Of course it wasn't at this point it's like almost 4 o'clock, so i go back and start talking to these other asian people, actually it was a couple. They had been going out for 10 mnths. They we're so cuteee, i was asking them questions about there relationshipp it was cutee :). After that i sit down for like 15 mins. I see if the boys open gym is over again, and this time it was. So I make my way over to that side of the school and just sit theree. Finallllly Dj comes out and was like "Ore! what are you still doing at school?!It's like 4:40 nowww. I was likee I toldd you i don't have a way homeeeee, and i was like how are you getting home? He told me how he was going to victor's house then they're going to eatt so i was likeee ugghhhhhhh. Then he was like imma call Josh to come get you,and i was like oh ok. Remember guysss i didn't have a phone or anything so i couldn't call anyone..back to story... So after he told me that i gotup and start walking around, but then i went back to that spot i was when i saw Dj and thank God i did just at that time. Dj had came inside the school looking for me, and when i was coming back he was walking back outside. If i didn't go back i wouldn't have seen him and the miracle wouldn't of happen. Dj told me to come outside and get in the car with him cause he was gonna take me to Subway to meet Josh. I get in the car and Victor and this boy named Anthony we're in there also the boy who was driving Keenen? i thinkk is his name. Anyways so he starts drivingg and they're talkingg that kid Anthony is funny lol. Sooner or later we get to Subway, so i walk in there and Josh looks at me surprised. I was like Dj ain't tell you? He was gonna drop me off here so you can take me home. Thennn that nigga tells me he doesn't have his car, and he doesn't even know how he's gonna get home. I was like FML..so i call aunty and tell her where i'm at. But when i was on the phone with her she told me how she got the key out. I was like thankk the lord! but she also told me that imma have to wait cause she has to go meet a client. Subwayy was pretty cool. Josh some boy i had met a while back was there, a girl from my school, this boy named quezz, and this boy named chris was there. I get myself a drink and get comfortable. Those people there are funny lol. I asked josh if i could get a free sub, but they we're low on bread so i had to get one w/ a discountt. I wasn't trippingg. But yeahh so i'm at subwayyy for a minuttteeee. Then finally auntyy comes and i go home.

The end.

p.s. i really like my intro. My english teacher was talking about how we're gonna start personal narratives. Hah! i know what i'm writing about lol

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