Tell me about yourself?

.. I get asked that question, and my response is alwayss ughhh, i don't know. Simply cause sometimes i really don't know what to say. Today though i think i got it..hmm i love being in this deep thought mode.

Young girl, who's mentally and psychically mature.
Understanding, confused ...sometimes hypocritical.
Always trying to do her best ...however laziness can get the best of her.
Moods can swing, as fast as baseball bats ..sometimes she can take control.
Respectful girl, who just wants what she gives off.
Loves getting deep with others, and those strong relations ...sometimes she holds back.
Nice, loving, sweet, and caring ...however if she don't like you expect less.
Wishes the caged birs would sing, `cause she was told when the caged bird sings
there would be
Then she asks herself, is that realistic? because she knows it isn't.
....but she wishes it was ALL THE TIME <3

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