Sayy shawtyy,

So ok last night I was like going crazy b/c my charger wasn't working right. Like it was broken and I didn't know how it got broken. Like for 45 minutes last night i was tryna get this charger to work. Moving ways and adjusting the wire thing since the wire thing was kinda torn. So finally last night i get it to work, but in the middle of the night i heard the little beep that it makes when it stops charging. But i was like ahh w/e mannn. So I'm at my cousins house and they have a maid named Anna, and Anna got a samsung phone. Me knowing that, i go find her charger and stick it into mine to see if it would charge my phone, and it doess. Also on anna's charger there's a yellow arrow. Also on myy charger there's a yellow arrow. And on Anna's charger the yellow arrow is kinda faded so it's like a yellowish white, and when i saw that i was like hmmm, my charger is like that too. So i go back to my charger the broken oneand i look at the arrow but instead of it being yellow it's black?. And i'm like hooooollllldddd up, i'm pretty sure that my charger has the yellow arrow on it so i'm like hmmmmm. Did this lady switch our chargers??! And like it makes sense; when i saw her charger and it went into my mines i was like hmmm i should switch it. But then i was like nahhh that's not right. But Anna may of not have thought the same way as me. You knoww? I mean her REAL charger is broken, so why wouldn't she switch it with one that isn't. Lady thinking she slick huh??

But it's alrightt though imma call my Daddy, and see what he says. Plus i know if i tell him my chargers broken imma get in trouble. Cause if you don't know me there's always something wrong with my phones. SO basically what i'm saying is that i think Anna switched me and hers charger.

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