So i'm at the hospital right now. It's freezing cold..my fingers are like hard and i'm hungry. I think i'm gonna ask my granny for money so i can get food from some vending machine. I have a new baby cousin. His name is Taj and he's big. 8.7 lbs and 21 in. Ah so i just thought of something..i'm probally gonna be here all day and i'm Too hungry from all that. I'm blogging from my phone hehehe. It's fun. Ugh i'm so bored. Heyyy at the hospital they have the se teeny diapers and they're so cute! So okay i have something to blog about. My granny is on the phone with my uncle and she gave him the phone to talk to his baby [Taj] and he goes i love you so much and i miss you but he hasn't even seen the baby. Is that possible? I honestly don't think so. Many people feel obligated to say that they love someone just because they're family. I know i'm like that also, but ay it is what it is. On the flip side i just got food. A sandwich and popsicle lol

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