Wow ok,

So today somebody stole my moneyy. My gshock moneyyyy!!!! ahah ok not necessairly buttt OMGGGGGG i'm so mad right now. Somebody had the audacity to go into my wallet and take my 100 dollar bill. Omggg what the hell... i planned to do alot w/ that money. :( i'm so sad. you could be like why did u take a 100 dollars to school, but like never really think about that. I just always keep my money in my wallet and just always take my wallet evevrywhere with me. Mann this sucks. And i told my daddy and i feel bad cause it was his money, and like he could've gave that money to my brother or something or likeee done something with it. Ugh this sucks mann. Tommorow every class i go to, i'm charging each single personn up! aha seriously though.

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